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Cabinet Roll Forming Machine factory
Feeding (manually) - Sheet leveling - Servo feed Hydraulic punching - Roll forming - Bending after forming - Hydraulic automatic cutting - Discharge (manually).
Equipment Overview:
The equipment is a fully automated production line that will make electrical cabinet by the strip through the uncoiling, leveling, servo feed hydraulic punching, roll forming, automatic bending and automatic cutting. The efficiency of the equipment is five times more than the traditional artificial production. It is the production of electric cabinet cannot be replaced equipment.
1. Double cantilever structure can be adjusted plate width, easy to adjust quickly. The equipment can produce a variety of electric cabinets, strong adaptability. Gantry-type structure can also be achieved a variety of electric cabinet production through the adjustment of sleeve, cost-effective.
2. Servo feed hydraulic punching device can be customized according to customer demand in the form and quantity of punch chip, punching accuracy is stable and reliable.
3. Automatic bending machine after forming can achieve non-stop bending with automatic hydraulic cutting. The operator only needs one worker to discharge.
Technical Parameters:
1. Production speed 0-4 m / min adjustable
2. Width adjustment range -600mm
3. Rolling thickness: 1-2mm
4. The butted gap at bending ≤ 1mmCabinet Roll Forming Machine factory

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