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Business Class Coach
Our History
For 25 years, Lifan Group is on the way, where thunderstorms are illuminated with prosperity.
Founded in 1992, Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called Lifan Group) with more than 10,481 employees is one of the biggest private-owned enterprises in China.
Lifan Group is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machinery, automobiles and motors, meanwhile being involved in finance, securities and real estate.
In 2016, Lifan Holdings achieved a sales income of 37.881 billion RMB, including a production and sales of 234,800 cars, 1.0963 million motorcycles, 3.2264 million engines and 366,000 general-purpose engines.
On November 25th, 2010, Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listing private enterprise in the field of passenger vehicle holistic enlisted in A-share in China.
Through a worldwide sales network, Lifan Group has its products sold to 177 countries and regions e.g. Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc., setting and maintaining the record of highest export volume among domestic peers for years. Lifan has received the greatest honor as “National Identity” of China, which made the enterprise one of the 100 well-known enterprises that represent China’s 60-year economic development since the founding of the nation.
Our Factory
Lifan Motors, an innovative force in China national auto manufacturing industry.
In January of 2006, the world debut of the first model ——Lifan 520 marked that Lifan officially started to enter automobile industry.
Depending on massive investment into auto projects, Lifan Group has developed into one of the enterprises with the most extended product lines, with licenses to produce a series of products e.g. passenger car, minicar, truck, special vehicle, bus, etc. In 2014, sales revenue of Lifan passenger cars reached RMB 7.485 billion, increased 18.87% in comparison, with the amount of exportation of 6.304 billion Yuan, increased 17.79% in comparison, keeping No.1 among Chongqing private manufacturing enterprises.
Through nine years of constant strivings, Lifan Motors has made qualitative leaps in capacity, product line, manufacturing process and quality control. In terms of capacity, the three factories in Chongqing are all equipped with advanced production lines for stamping, welding, coating, assembly and engine, as well as the test line for dynamic performance of entire vehicles. At present, the 4th factory is under construction. Completion of all the above-mentioned factories will put the capacity of Lifan well over the 1 million mark.
In terms of product line, the three major platforms have been available to produce small models, compact models, and mid-sized/oversize models. Currently, a wide variety of sedan, SUV and MPV have been produced in much higher quality.
Now, Lifan Motors offers a wide range of models e.g. Lifan 520, 520i, 320, 330, 530, 620, 630, 720, 820, X50, X60, micro vans and so on and had them exported and fully participated in the internationalized competition on global market.
In terms of new energy autos, Lifan has successfully developed model 320 and 620 electric vehicles.
As planned, Lifan Motors will develop at least two new products every year. It will have its cross-over compact SUV such as Lifan X50, home and business application B-Class such as Lifan 820, home MPV such as Lifan CA08 debuted in 2014, so as to achieve stereoscopic development of the company.
Our Product
Lifan Group is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machinery, automobiles and motors, meanwhile being involved in finance, securities and real estate.   
Product Application
Founded in 1992, Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Lifan Group) with more than 20,000 employees is one of the biggest private-owned enterprises in China. Lifan Group is a large-scale private listed enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machineries, motorcycles and automobiles, and being involved in financial securities, real estate and football, which is also one of the largest manufacturing export enterprises in China, having come out in front for export among Chinese independent automobile and motorcycle  brands.
Our Certificate
Lifan is the outstanding representation of Chinese private economy development, getting wide praise from the society, Lifan has been awarded as Chinese Famous Brand, Chinese Name Brand, National R & D Center, Nation Card, Famous Export Brand, Chinese Best Credit Enterprise, National Model Enterprise for Quality and Technology Innovation Enterprise etc. Lifan has been listed Chinese top500 enterprises for successive 10 years and praised as Most Competitive Brand by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, successively awarded as Forbes Chinese Top enterprise and Chinese Top500 Most Valuable Brand. IBM Institute for Business Value  and Management Institute of Fudan University praised Lifan as one of Chinese 60 enterprises which can realize internationalization.
By the end of 2015, an application for a patent for the total 9748 pieces (including foreign), owns 8471 patents authorized (577) for a patent for invention, the indicators in the leading position, is chongqing private enterprises large taxpayer. The data is still growing year by year. Please visit our official website for more details.
Production Equipment
Lifan Auto plant III, which covers 400mu, with the construction area of 160,000m2, including pressing, welding, painting and assembly workshops. The plant possesses advanced production lines, adopting integrated pressing, machinery welding, automatic spraying, and machinery assembly in some key stations which is more accurate and efficient. The annual capacity is 120,000 cars, meeting the production demand for models with 3.7 meters to 5 meters long.
Production Market
In 1998, Lifan Group got the authority of import and export. Lifan’s products are exported to over 160 countries and areas. Lifan Motorcycle has built the plants in Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey. And Lifan Motors has built KD plants in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Uruguay and Burma. Since Lifan commercial vehicle’s production, Lifan’s industry is perfected and developed.
Our service
The sales network of Lifan products has spread across more than 165 countries in South-east Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Now Lifan have more than 500 solid sales networks all over the world.  
Lifan is outstanding role-model of private economy development, and Lifan is recognized and widely praised by various circles of society. Lifan has won various honors such as China Famous Brand, China Famous Trade Mark, State——level R&D Center,Nation Card, Famous Brand of Export, Chinese Best Credit Company,Nation Quality Advance Company, Scientific and Technical Innovation Enterprise ect., and has been consecutively listed Top 500 China Enterprises for 10 years. Lifan is awarded with the Market Competitiveness Brand by China Commerce Department, and listed in China TOP Enterprises of Forbes and China TOP 500 most valued brand. Lifan also recognized by Commercial Value Research Institute of IBM and Management College of FUDAN University as one of 60 Enterprises in China which are capable of achieving internationalization.
Lifan Motors has set up the KD plants respectively in Russia, Azerbaijan, Myanmar , Iran, Ethiopia, Uruguay and Iraq.
Lifan Motors has established the direct-sales companies in Russia, Ethiopia and Brazil.
In 2016, Lifan  enables an all-new technical team, led by the elites who have over ten-year relevant experience in first-class auto makers and converging numbers of excellent research professionals.
Historical Events of LIFAN Overseas Service Center
First colored circuit diagram published
EPC software
Published globally
Labor system of mini
car established
Parts stock analyzing and CRM management tools created
Technical and management
Training hold in South America
Training center established
in Saudi Arabia
Overseas dealer operation
management manual published
(dealer training management system)
launched on line
Perfect service system established by perfect team
Just to offer perfect guarantee for your car
Scientific management tool
Standardized claim procedure
Precise technical material
Diversified training courses
Strict testing standard
Comprehensive certification system
Effective quality problem follow-up
Active parts supply
After sales service is a science, so we should adopt scientific management;
After sales service is a work, so we need to integrate global resources;
After sales service is a cause, so we need to cooperate together and seek for mutual development.
Let service make profit for partners, add value for products and provide sustainable development for us!
Official web:
Ali store web: Business Class Coach

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