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Flat Drip Irrigation Line manufacturers
Drip irrigation tape production line / Drip irrigation pipe making machine
1. High-speed extrusion
2. No-dust cutting
3. High technology competitive price

Main parts of the Drip irrigation tape production line
Single-screw extruder:
The machine nose adopts single layer spiral structure; the inner pressure is uniformity, which could improve the flow property of the plastic, the gloss of the products and the wall thickness uniformity, which is suitable for the high speed production of the thin wall pipe.
Extrusion pressure sensor:
The nose is equipped with a pressure sensor, which can observe the extrusion pressure anytime.
Semi-automatic screen changer: when the filter screen needs to changed, the operator can take out the filter screen and change the spare filter net by the screen changer control button.
Drippers' delivery device:
The pathway is drawing forming by aluminum alloy,which ensures smoothing the high speed delivery of drippers, it is convenient for changing the wear parts.
Drippers delivery drive:adopt the imported AC servo motor,which ensures the stability of the drippers delivery.
The loading device is controlled by servo-system,which ensures the dripper to maintain their set space according to the changeable speed of the dripping tube at any time.Flat Drip Irrigation Line manufacturers

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